Year of Faith…an explanation

So the title can be a little confusing, or plain, or uninteresting?

Year of Faith? Doesn’t faith exist for a life time, and not a year?  Correct.  The Year of Faith is a reference to Pope Benedict 16th’s call to all Catholics to use this particular period of time to delve deeper in their faith.  The year begins on October 11 to commemerate the day Vatican II begun 50 years ago, and the publication of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” 20 years ago.  The year ends the week before Advent 2013 begins (November 24).

It’s more exciting than you would think!  The hope is that Catholics will attend some lectures about Vactican II and what the documents from that council mean for the Church today.  There is also a promotion to read the hefty work called the “Catechism.”

Best of all….this all doesn’t necessary need to be for only Catholics.  How cool would it be that we practiced deepening our faith together, like a communal new years resolution!  We can all do the following:

1) Know exactly what you believe.  Study your faith, look into its roots and historical makeup.

2) Pray more, prayer deeper.  Increasing knowledge of your faith isn’t enough.

3) Incorporate more communal worship, or actively engage in it more.

4) Serve the poor.
So, come on, why not join in and make this resolution with me?  INCREASE AND DEEPEN YOUR FAITH!  =)

I’ll be posting resources and suggestions in upcoming posts.  For now, check out the official page run by the Vatican:


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