A gorgeously done audio of prayer, for every night…

Ok, I admit, I don’t know of every app out there that helps us to pray.

    But I do want to recommend “Compline,” a great app that I know is designed for the iPhone/iPad/iPod, AND IT’S FOR FREE!

I recommend it because it’s so well done!  It has

  • Beautiful music for you to meditate on,
  • Well done voice overs that you could follow along with the text on your phone, or just listen,
  • It’s different every day, but eventually you’ll notice certain patterns to the prayer.

I say try it.  Its a great way to do a different type of prayer, and it could help you wind down at night.

You don’t have to be Catholic for this type of prayer.  And one more note….you’ll notice that most of the prayers seem “sad,” or sound like urgent pleas to God.  That’s because at night, one Christian tradition is that people place themselves in a state of need for God, and realize that there is certainly a dependency on God…we don’t know when we’ll die, what are next day will be like, and whether we will lose a loved one or not.  We know so little about the future!  But this we can know, that though we are frail and not always good natured, God will always come through anyways, if we are willing to ask.

If you would like the company website and not the iTunes website: http://divineoffice.org/


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