Dealing with pain and struggle is worth it

“We have to be strong and valiant with ourselves and not let suffering get the best of us. All pain is transitory, and as Our Holy Mother Saint Teresa tells us, any pain that is not eternal, is no pain at all. Sometimes it seems as if the crosses are falling from every angle and, indeed, life can seem a long martyrdom.  It’s not a matter of dying. Rather, it is a matter of living with contradictions and difficulties. Sometimes heaven itself will turn into bronze, but let nothing disturb you and nothing frighten you.
We grieve when Divine Providence uses the hammer and chisel to polish our souls, turning them into precious stones worthy to enter the building of the heavenly Jerusalem. Suffer, then, and wait. Pray and expect. Whenever we feel tired or exhausted, without strength and longing for a moment of rest…it is a great consolation to be able to say, My troubles resemble those of my Savior.”  -Mother Luisita

The quote above is enough to reflect on.  It is good to also remember to check in with yourself and your friends and ask whether any pain in your life is from your own fragility or shortcomings.  That type of pain is not always necessary.  It reminds me of another quote, “Not all the crosses we carry are ones that were placed upon us, but in fact are crosses we created ourselves.”

It seems the prudent Christian would do what they can to rid themselves of any crosses they created so that they have the strength to deal with the crosses not chosen or created by them.


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