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A journey of Horror and Forgiveness

From the book:
“What was that all about, ImmaculĂ©e? That was the man who murdered your family. I brought him to you to question…to spit on if you wanted to. But you forgave him! How could you do that? Why did you forgive him?”

I answered him with the truth: “Forgiveness is all I have to offer.”

pg. 204


THAT line is the goal….but how the heck did this woman get to that point is why you NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!

Guilt and anger are forces destroying our cultures, our churches, and ourselves most of the time, if we don’t know any better. Even so, it is extremely hard to look at the ugly face of reality and actually embrace it.

This woman’s message of how she came to forgive unspeakable atrocities (but she does write about them so that we can ponder the potential horror in society), and it needs to be heard and understood.

Yes, the book tells of gross details and it isn’t some theme you could sip a latte over. BUT THIS MAY SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF!

and isn’t that worth the effort, to read a book that may not be at all lacking challenge, but one that will bring you to ask the question: what angers me or what relationship has been forgotten because of the lack of forgiveness?

God grant us the strength to not die with unresolved issues, or hate in our heart, regardless of circumstance.