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Lost Connection of Religion May Mean Churches Are Disconnected

Billboard Supporting Atheism in Oklahoma

Credit: Newson6.com

There have been several opinions written and several articles reporting on the newest findings of the Pew Forum.  It says that at least one-fifth of Americans are considering themselves as “religiously unaffiliated.”  (For one article, see the one posted below.)

I believe this is an opportunity for traditional Churches become more intentional in their promotion of the their faith.  How many times do you see great and interesting advertising promoting a Christian service? How often do you run into a Catholic and have them invite you to a prayer service?

There’s something to be said about the lack of evangelization and the HUGE lack of interesting ways of presenting our faith.  So much more can be done.  But not just in advertising.

Think of the smaller picture.  If you were a newcomer to your own church, what would you think of it?

  • Is it welcoming? Is the environment you enter make you feel inspired or awed?
  • The people you meet in the short time are like what? Happy, talkative, people you might relate to?
  • Are those who seem to be in charge approachable?  Do they look and act like they love their faith?

And the greatest question for Christians…what are you like?  Do you engage with others?  Do you know the name of the person next to you at a service?

There’s much work to do in our own churches.  I believe losing connection for many Americans has been more about feeling disconnected from unhealthy faith communities.  And that isn’t a bad thing.  So….what can we do to make our communities healthier for those who are sticking around?