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For Lent: Giving Up…”the World”

There is a common sticker motto I’ve seen around Orange County, CA: “Not of This World.”  It’s so darn common that I almost want to believe it’s a name of a church.

It made me think: am I part of the world or not of the world?  This is the question everyone asks especially during Lent.

I’ve listed the link in this post to a VERY fascinating blog entry in response to a book that speaks about purity and the lack of purity in our society.  You don’t have to be of a “prudish mentality” to ponder such an issue.  Just ask basic questions: What types of books sold the most in the year?  What type of clothing does a department store offer the most to its teens shoppers?  What are the lyrics of the most popular songs?

Purity is far from promoting asexuality.  Purity is knowing the beauty and strength of a healthy understanding of sexuality.

There was one part of the blog I related to the most: what type of music do I listen to?  Recently I was in the car with young children, the youngest being 3 and the oldest being 11.  I wanted some upbeat music, so I requested that the kids play my “groovy” playlist.  Up comes a song where a line in the chorus said, “I will have your clothes off by the end of this song.”  And it said that phrase a few times!  But to all the kids it didn’t really seem to bother them.  In fact, they actually chose the song because they knew it!

What can I do?  Stop the song and then play it later when they are not around?  What does that say about my values?  I LOVE THE BEAT AND THE RHYTHM.  Right.  There is beauty to that.  But it’s the same argument some men make who say they like strip clubs because there they see some great dancing with beautiful women.  “There’s a craft to it,” and I agree with them.  But there’s a craft to anything whether it’s making a great cigar, a great alcoholic beverage, and exotic dancing.  Does it mean that it’s a thing that promotes purity?

So, for Lent, I decided I would be very conscious of the songs I play and movies I watch.  It’s hard, and it will be harder to even delete songs that are far from purity.  But, am I called to be of this world? Or live in it and not be of it?

That’s a higher calling of virtue for all of us to ponder.

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It’s interesting to see what grabs our imagination.