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Rejection= A test of Faith, Hope, and Love

For the person of faith, it’s not a rejection, it’s a direction.” -from Fr. Longenecker’s newsletter “FaithWorks 5

I threw this quote at myself as ammunition against thoughts of despair and frustration.  I easily got these thoughts as my mind pondered on the future…..it’s so darn vague!  And the present wasn’t going as I thought it would go.

Another quote ran along the same theme.  “Want to make God laugh?  Tell God your plans.”  But this quote was never helpful.  I was not there yet: the point of being able to not take myself seriously.  I was more about looking at what I had NOT done, and feeling discouraged at all I COULD HAVE done.

And I would not have wondered about any of this if I hadn’t felt rejection.  But I sure did, and hadn’t found the acceptance yet. . . .  Which brings me to why the quote above about “rejection being more about direction” was helpful to me.

It’s like looking at the glass half full.  It’s still the same glass, and there is still half the liquid missing…but at the same time it’s half full, and the later statement sounds more positive than the former.

So, rejection is more about direction.  It’s a test of our faith in the One who has always provided in some way, just maybe not in our way or during our time;  it’s a test of hope because God asks of us to let ourselves EXPECT good to come from everything, even rejection;  it’s a test of our Love for God because deep Love hopes in the beloved, and has the faith to make that love real.  Lo and behold, it’s all connected folks!

May we all be courageous to look at rejection in a different light–to see it as a type of direction in which we may find something better than we could have imagined.

Want more of the same theme of “rejection in another light?”  Check out this fabulous 10 min video by an incredible man, Rob Bell.

(And check out the newsletter I quoted from: Fr. Longenecker blog )

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